zipForm Benefits

Forms software, e-signatures, and online document storage

Texas REALTORS get an expanded bundle of productivity-enhancing zipForm products included in your state dues in 2013:

  • zipForm Professional, the online version of zipForm
  • Digital Ink, the e-signature solution that works seamlessly with zipForm
  • zipVault, online document storage

These three core zipForm products are now FREE for all Texas REALTORS.

If you still want zipForm Standard, the offline/desktop version, the Texas Association of REALTORS (TAR) has negotiated a deep discount for you–only $29.95 a year.

On top of that, you can get zipForm Mobile, to keep transactions moving on your smartphone or tablet, for just $8.45 a year.

zipForm Professional

If you already use zipForm Professional (online version of zipForm). Your zipForm experience remains the same as it has always been with the added access to zipVault and Digital Ink as part of your TAR dues.

What is zipVault?

It’s online storage for your transactions and documents. Transactions left in zipForm Professional are deleted after 14 months of inactivity. The zipVault feature, which is integrated with zipForm Professional, allows you to store transactions and documents for up to three years.

What is Digital Ink?

It’s the zipLogix electronic-signature product. You have unlimited Digital Ink electronic signatures as part of your 2013 TAR dues.

I like DocuSign. Can I keep using it?

Yes. You can still use DocuSign with zipForm Professional. You can also create a Digital Ink account and try it without giving up DocuSign. Keep in mind that your TAR dues give you unlimited signatures with Digital Ink.

Is there a way to use these products on my phone or tablet?

Yes, it’s called zipForm Mobile Web Edition. Although not included as part of your TAR dues, you do get a steep discount on the product: $8.45 per year.

Click for zipForm Professional Renewal Steps

Click for zipForm Professional with zipForm Standard Renewal Steps


zipForm Plus

zipForm Plus is  brand new way of looking at and navigating through our form files. zipForm Plus works on today’s computers, maximizing your screen use and productivity.

Plug‐ins are not required, so you can use your choice of browser or operating system, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

The zipForm Plus experience is faster and more personalized, part of the zipLogix commitment to helping agents work more efficiently and effectively using today’s technology.

When opening zipForm Plus, you will notice that it has the exact same transaction files you have been working on in zipForm 6 Professional. You will also notice that any new files that you create are available in both zipForm 6 Professional and zipForm Plus. You can view, edit, and work inside your zipForm Transactions through zipForm Plus or zipForm 6 at your convenience.

zipForm Standard

If you already use zipForm Standard (desktop version of zipForm) you can continue that service or easily transfer your files to zipForm Professional.  PLEASE NOTE:  To continue using zipForm Standard or to "upgrade" to zipForm Professional you must renew before Feb. 15, 2013.

If you want to continue to use zipForm Standard after Feb. 15, 2013, you’ll have to pay an annual fee. TAR has negotiated a steep discount for you: $29.95 per year. You will be able to purchase zipForm Standard once you see a renewal notice on your screen. However, zipForm Professional, the online version, is included in your dues as well as zipVault (online document storage) and Digital Ink (electronic signatures). Current zipForm Standard accounts will expire on Feb. 15, 2013.

What about all the transactions and other data I have on zipForm Standard?
You can transfer everything from zipForm Standard to zipForm Professional using features within your existing software. You will have until Feb. 15, 2013, to complete the transfer. 

How is zipForm Professional different from zipForm Standard?
The program works very similarly, but zipForm Professional stores your transactions online—you’ll always have access to them from anywhere via the Internet.

I don’t always have a reliable Internet connection. Will zipForm Professional work?
You need an Internet connection to start zipForm Professional, but if you lose that connection, you can continue working in the program. It will synchronize your data whenever it reconnects to the Internet.

How can I use Digital Ink if I stay with zipForm Standard?
zipForm Standard requires you to pay for the feature; however, if you import a transaction to zipForm Professional, you can use Digital Ink for electronic signatures at no additional cost. 

Click for zipForm Standard Renewal Steps

Click for zipForm Professional with zipForm Standard Renewal Steps